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Tiger Safari & Wildlife in India

If you are a Wildlife enthusiast then the Question Which is the Best Tiger Reserve in India is bound to crop up specially when you are planning a Trip to India. The truth is that there is no one Single Best Tiger Reserve in India. There are plenty of Choices depending upon where your Travels may take you.

Ranthambore National Park.

The Tiger Reserves are spread across India, If you are planning a Trip with the sole purpose of Wildlife viewing then here are the Best Tiger Reserves in India for you to consider.

If you are arriving In New Delhi then your Journey would be starting in Northern Part of India. In which case the Best Tiger Reserve for you would

Ranthambore National Park: Home to the 10th Century Fort now known as Ranthambore fort, this used to be the hunting grounds for the Royal Family of Jaipur. In 1973 with an aim to save the Tigers from being hunted Project Tiger was established and in 1980 the former Hunting ground were converted to Ranthambore National park. It can be easily accessed from Delhi (by Road and Train) or by road from Jaipur & Agra both. Ideally you should include this between your Jaipur and Agra trip.
Probablity of Seeing a Tiger is High

Central India.


Panna Tiger Reserve Situated in the Vindhyan mountain range in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh(Central India), Panna Tiger Reserve is spread over the Panna and Chhatarpur districts. This reserve contains the last remaining tiger habitat of North Madhya Pradesh. If your Travels are taking you to Khajuraho (famous for its erotic Temples) then it makes total sense to add a day to your Khajuraho stay and do a Safari here.
Probability of Seeing a Tiger is Low to Average.

Satpura National Park: Satpura is a Sanskrit word, that means seven mountains and is located in the Satpura Mountain Ranges. it iss one of the relatively newer wildlife sanctuaries in India. Though it remains unexplored by tourists, it is one place which has a good population of tigers. Best Way to get to Satpura is to either combine it with Pench Reserve, Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park. Start in Bhopal and reach Satpura first.
Probability of Seeing a Tiger: Average to Medium despite a good population since this is a large reserve.

Pench National Reserve: Said to be the Inspirational behind Rudyard Kiplings Jungle book, Pench is one of the lessor known Tiger Reserves of Central India. Located kind of in between the Satpura National Park and Kanha National Park this park boasts of 33 Mammal species including Tiger.
Probability of Seeing a Tiger is High

Kanha National Park: Kanha is regarded as one of the most amazing tiger reserves in India with large open meadows where animals roam around freely. If you are a Wildlife enthusiast and keen to see a Tiger, then this is a must visit. Usually combined with Bandhavgarh National Park and Satpura National park since Kanha lies in the middle of the two, do not drop this from your Itnerary.
Probability os seeing a Tiger is High

Bandhavgarh National Park: With the highest density of tigers in the area, 60+ at the last count Bandhavgarh Mational Park is one of the best and most famous tiger reserves in India. Located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavarh was declared a national park in the year 1986. Its name literally means ‘Brother’s Fort’. Located in Central India this park is best combined with Kanha and/or Satpura National Park.
Probability of Seeing a Tiger is High

Tadoba Tiger Reserve: Located in Central India but in the State of Maharashtra (Mumbai is the Capital of this State) Tadoba Tiger Reserve boasts of a booming population of tigers. A whopping seventy, along with leopards and sloths. There are excellent bird watching opportunities too with about 200 species of birds tyo be found here. The best way to get to Tadoba is to fly to Nagpur 
Probability of Seeing a Tiger is High

Eastern India.

If your Travels take you to East India then It may be worthwhile to combine this with a 2-3 days excursion to Sunderbans. The biggest Mangroves in the world and home to 400+ tigers, Sunderban has the distinction of not only having a one of a kind terrain but combined with the spirit of this landscape, the animal and the way these come together, to give you perhaps the truest and rawest wildlife experiences.
Probability of Seeing a Tiger: Good to High

There’s More

A lot of National Parks whose names you may have heard have been left out of this list as they can’t compete with the list above. They are good in their own right but we are talking about the TOP LIST here. The Parks which I chose to leave out based on my 3 decades of travelling experience in India are

Jim Corbett National Park.
Sariska Tiger Reserve
Dudhwa Tiger Reserve
Indravati Tiger Reserve
Nagarhole National Park
Rajaji Tiger Reserve
Anamalai Tiger Reserve
Manas Tiger Reserve
Periyar National Park
Bandhipur Tiger Reserve

We hope that this information helps you and helps you find your Best Tiger Reserve in India.